Evan Pratt for Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner - Environmental Leadership for Washtenaw County
Thank you for electing me and visiting this site!                                        
I need your help in 2016.
It has been an honor to be elected as your Water Resources Commissioner, especially with so much support from the current Commissioner, community leaders and citizens from rural and urban areas all over the County. Take a look at the Supporters page from 2012 for someone you know and trust. 
The Water Resources Commissioner is a steward of the environment for all of Washtenaw County, and is elected to serve County citizens in many ways; if you need a field drained for agriculture, or if you are concerned about the quality of local waterways in your community, or if your focus is on major waterways or river systems such as the Huron and Raisin with their many tributaries.  
The Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner must have integrity, experience, financial & technical expertise, and knowledge of the unique Public Act 40 of 1956, commonly known as the Drain Code.  My 28 years of professional experience makes a perfect fit to serve you and fulfill the responsibilities of this office.  The Drain Code ensures you will have a say in stormwater management projects conducted by this office, and I will too.  Go to the "About Evan" page to see exactly how my background and experience are the best fit for the responsibilities of this office.
Please take a look at the rest of this site to learn more about my Core Values, how to help me serve you, and to see the list of supporters who have already placed their trust in me.
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